Godsano has grown from small hold farm to a national player in the production of pineapple with its 150 hectares of land located in Edo State.

Godsano started in 2004 with cultivation of various fruits with just the founder while combining his day job with the farming activities.

The farm grew organically from then on till it was registered as Godsano Global Resources 2007.  Continuous growth of the farm led to the founder’s resignation from his day job in August, 2015 to embrace full-time farming which equally opened up his interest in export in 2016 when he visited Ghana to understudy Koranko Pineapple Exporting Farm, Ghana.

After the initial cultivation of 25 hectares, Godsano acquired additional 125 hectares and is in the process of acquiring more acres. The increase in local demand/consumption and massive opportunity for export demand informed management decision to embark on the next level of expansion plan.


Expanded production capacity: Plan to cultivate the balance 85 acres and also acquire additional 142 acres between Year 1 and 2.

Acquisition of planting and cultivation equipment to increase production capacity.

Increase output from 840 tonnes in 2019 to 4,300 tonnes in the next 5 years.

Recently obtained certification for Global Gap (Global Good Agricultural Practice) and became the first Global Gap certified farm in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To Be The Foremost Pineapple & Vegetable Exporter In Nigeria